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East Asian Studies major Patrick Rosenberg displays a worm-eaten, 1509 edition of Ovid, UW-Madison Special Collections (Photo: Rick Marolt)

English major Tegan Vail & English PhD student Kaydian Campbell invite participants to leaf through 16th C poetry books, UW-Madison Special Collections (Photo: Rick Marolt)

Biology major Alexandria Smith discusses old and new books during Q&A, UW-Madison Special Collections (Photo: Rick Marolt)

Water drains from a freshly pulled sheet of handmade paper on Library Mall at one of our public papermaking events


Holding History's mentoring-driven public engagement model is what makes the program distinctive. We guide student curiosity and help our team learn how to communicate big ideas to a diverse public audience, but UW-Madison students are the faces of the program. It’s their passion, excitement, and intelligence that make Holding History programs accessible and interesting to public audiences.​



Julia Buskirk

Adam DeDobblelaere

Anna Heinen

Alicia Lawson

Max Mindorff

Tricia Siy

Kaylee Sorrells

Katy Tyllo

STUDENT MENTORS (Past & Present)

Kaydian Campbell

Jenna Contreras

Keith Gabler

Ryan Hussey

Sam Landowski

Patrick Rosenberg

Alexandria Smith

John Spoerl

Ilango Villoth