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Holding History coordinates a continuous series of events and online publications that

seek to connect the history of media to the art and craft of bookmaking.

Our events are free and open to the public.


UW-Madison students drive our program, and our work would not be possible without the additional support of faculty organizers, community members, institutional partners, and supporters.

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If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at UW-Madison, Holding History offers a chance to work with rare books and archival materials and to learn how to effectively share your ideas and research with a broad public audience through a variety of mediums, including online writing. If you are interested in learning how books have been put together for centuries, and are curious about adapting your research into new forms, the program might be a great fit.   



If you are a scholar, maker, or community member and would like to be involved in Holding History, please send us a note and share a little about yourself and your interests in our program.   


Currently, with in-person events largely suspended, the majority of Holding History programming occurs online. Do you have an idea for an event or series? If you have particular interest in contributing work to the Bookish Blog or virtually collaborating otherwise, send us a message!

HH Student Experiences 
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"Holding History has taught me one of the most important lessons of my life: The way we convey our knowledge is as important as knowledge itself.  As an English major with aspirations for medical school, I already knew the importance of learning the facts.  Working with old books has made me realize that the way we package our ideas matters.  It matters whether we choose to bind our knowledge between book covers, teach them from a podium, or email them as a url.  Holding History has radically and beneficially altered the way I present my knowledge, interact with people, and conduct research.  Holding History has truly been the highlight of my undergraduate career."

Ryan Hussey (Student Curator 2015-2016, HH Alumni Peer Mentor)

More questions? Try our FAQ page. 

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