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Sarah Marty on HAMILTON

Holding History in the News

“It’s hard to take it all in the first time...It’s absolutely overwhelming visually when you’re watching a live performance.”

Holding History C0-Director Sarah Marty appeared in a recent edition of the Wisconsin State Journal to discuss the 2022 return of Hamilton: An American Musical to the Overture Center stage.

Marty, who regularly teaches and lectures on the musical, touched on a range of topics, from accessibility and film vs. stage to the relationship between the production and the current political landscape. You can read the entire conversation on the State Journal website. To hear Marty go deep on Hamilton, check out her “Badger Talk” in our HH Video Archive.

If you'd like to study Hamilton in depth, Marty is teaching an intergenerational course on the show in summer 2021 - offered for credit (Theatre 219 at UW-Madison) and noncredit (UW Continuing Studies).

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